We craft meaningful
video experiences.

Your story is the most powerful thing you have and we are passionate about capturing it in a compelling way to move the hearts of your audience. Welcome to Make Beautiful!

Case Studies

Telling a narrative through film takes expertise. Our case studies reveal the work that we put into each project.

Farm to Table
Lupi's Pizza Pies
How to Start a Brewery
Oddstory Brewing Company
Industrial Design Makers Camp
SHiFT Design
In A State of Joy
Chattanooga Visitors Bureau
Experience the World
Andrew Lyon Travel

Our Videos

Since launching in 2010, we've filmed hundreds of videos in multiple different countries with a variety of people and organizations. That's a diverse library of videos that vividly tell the story of our clients.

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About Us

We are a small, select team of creatives that has joined together to capture the essence of who you are and express that through skillful videography.


We’re renowned for stunning compositions, inspiring edits, and moving story-telling.


We offer more than 20 years of combined experience in cinematography.


We scale projects to where you’re at - because everyone deserves great video.


Kelly Lacy

Founder of and ultimate dreamer here at Make Beautiful. Ginger, drinker of fine gin, and first class filmmaker. Kelly likes long runs on the streets and getting flexible with yoga when he isn't filming. You can find him in our office or off on an international adventure, filming each moment and making something extraordinary out of the seemingly ordinary!

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Kiersten Williams

Can't stop this girl. Co-founder and lovely, leading lady here at Make Beautiful. Starting out in photography she never dreamed her creative path would land her in the world of film. Kiersten keeps the Make Beautiful team moving forward like a well-oiled Chattanooga Choo-Choo. She loves wine, people, tattoos, and random dance breakouts.

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Business Development

Jonah Williams

Master navigator of diving deep into your heart. Audiophile, traditional cappuccino enthusiast, Jonah is the man behind the smiles and has a genuine passion for others. He is our "business" guy of sorts, and wants to grab beers with everyone he meets. He enjoys free-style rapping, creating music, laughing, and filling his wander lust heart with many travels.

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Our Clients

We've been honored to work with clients locally and internationally. Read quotes from two featured clients or browse all of our testimonials.