Chattanooga Visitors Bureau


The Challenge

CVB approached us to make a video for them highlighting the fact that Chattanooga is the "Best Town Ever," to gain more attraction from folks traveling for business and to those just looking to get away for the weekend. We realized in the beginning of initial meetings that this shoot was going to require more planning plus the potential of hiring actors, creating a script, shot list, and having to create shoot schedules. The goal was to create a two minute video, a :30 edit for social media and a :30 edit for the UTC Football team to encompass all of the great things Chattanooga has to offer.

The Solution

We tackled this project successfully by hiring talent, creating a script, formulating a shot list, and mapping out a shoot schedule. Everything went smoothly between managing client relations and creating something that accurately represented everything that the CVB wanted.


Chattanooga Visitors Bureau

Dave Santucci, VP of Marketing

"Professional, creative, high quality!"

Secondary Videos

Included in the secondary videos are a :30 edit we created we specifically created for social media. As well, we created a :30 edit that could be featured at UTC's football games on the jumbotron.

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