SHiFT Design


The Challenge

Tasked to create one doc-style video capturing the essence SHiFT Design Camp during the summer; a camper’s experience during a week of camp. Challenges: ▪ Hot (environmental factors of being outside, temperatures during those Alabama summers) ▪ How to tell the story of SHiFT from several different perspectives during a very limited window of time. ▪ SHiFT already had videos made for them, but they wanted a fresh new perspective of what they do and what camp was like, thus enter Make Beautiful.

The Solution

Instead of just one video delivered after camp was done, we created several “Day of Edits” videos for each day of camp, as well as one doc-style “This is SHiFT” video. The goal shifted several times during the course of filming while at camp, because ultimately the client trusted us to bring their vision to life in whatever way we saw fitting.


SHiFT Design

John McCabe, Co-Founder

"Professional, Fun, Insightful, Educational....They are a dream team and remind us why we love what we do."

Secondary Videos

The secondary videos highlight the "Day of Edits" mentioned above, captured from the summer camp of 2018.

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