Lupi's Pizza Pies


The Challenge

Lupi's Pizza Pies is one of the best pizza places in Chattanooga. But no one knew that they were a mostly farm to table, locally sourced pizzeria, and that most of veggies and sausage being eaten were from their very own farm, Flying Turtle Farms. So Lupi's pizza tasked us with making an "About Us" Video focused on the fact that they are farm to table, as well as a series of videos highlighting each unique aspect of the Flying Turtle Farm, to make their customers aware of where the ingredients on their pizza really came from.

The Solution

We spent 4 months creating several videos for Lupi's, working around the seasons and weather, to create their "About Us" video as well as other supplementary videos to show the other aspects of their farm.


Lupi's Pizza Pies

Dorris Shober, Owner

"It was easy & fun. I was very nervous about the whole idea, it seemed like a huge project, but they made it smooth..... The finished product, beautiful!!!"

Secondary Videos

The supplmentary videos include a "Reviews" video highlighting what real customers thought of their pizza/food, a promo video about them in general, and five smaller videos about the farming process, raising pigs, growing flowers, farming basil, and shorter version about their Flying Turtle Farms.

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