Oddstory Brewing Company


The Challenge

Back in 2017, Oddstory Brewing Company approached us because they needed a Kickstarter video to help create awareness of who they were and what they were about. They tasked us with creating an all encompassing video of what their backgrounds were, where their idea for the brewery came from, their passion for craft beer, and what they wanted to bring to the city of Chattanooga's beer scene.

The Solution

We created a four minute "About Us" video before the buidling was even completed for them to be able to post on social platforms to help raise funds and awareness of their brand. Today, they are a successful, booming brewery in town.


Oddstory Brewing Company

Emily Boyd, Creative Director

"From the first moment of meeting and working with MB’s team, every single instance and encounter has been professional, but also deeply enjoyable. They treat you like they’re there for more than just a service. That they care more about the people they’re filming and their story than the check they’ll get paid. We’ve never once had a issue with incredible quality of what they produce. But more than that, they are always such a joy and working with them is a blast!"

Secondary Videos

The secondary videos are a wide variety of videos we have made for Oddstory over the years. From Beer Dinners to Hype videos, we have successfully worked with Oddstory on countless projects.

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